Hello, my name is Rick Wouters.

And I build websites

📌 Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Hello, my name is Rick wouters

And I build websites

📌 Eindhoven, the Netherlands

What do I like?


The internet is amazing, and has many possibilities. I like combining modern technologies with an intuitive design, to create websites that exceed your expectations.
Good products also do not have to be expensive. This is why Happy Technology offers feature-rich, affordable websites that still have a very good quality.


What if it would be possible to have an app, without the need to install it? Sounds like the future, right? Just visit a website, and it turns into an app right away when you want it. Notifications, background workers, offline use, it is just like a native app. This is not the future, because it is already possible today. Does a 300% increase in revenue sound like music to your ears? Then contact me to discuss the possibilities.

What I've built


A business optimizer for the 21st century

AchieV is a tool that helps business owners run their enterprise more efficient. By keeping precise track of what is going well in a process and what not, it allows supervisors to see the bottlenecks in a business process, and resolve them.
Because AchieV is a web app, it can be used on any device, anyplace, anytime, anywhere. This significantly lowers the deployment cost of AchieV, while it does not compromise quality.

Technologies used:


Bicycle rental made easy

Hopperpoint is a bicycle rental system which allows the user to easily rent bicycles by the use of a simple app. To reduce development time and costs, Cordova was used for this product so that both an iOS and Android app could be made without any native development overhead. Because of this, the entire app was made in a period of less than a month and very affordable.

Technologies used:

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